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Work as a camboy

Work as a camboy for Livejasmin and earn lots of money. Get paid by working from home when and whenever you want.
Although women represent the majority of webcams, there are also many male webcam models. Working as a male webcam model for Livejasmin is a fun and profitable job or extra income. There are no obligations. Work whenever you want and how many you want.

Earn a lot of money quickly

How often have you googled the search term “make a lot of money”? It’s a very popular search term in various search engines. And that is just 1 of the many benefits of working as a camboy. when working as a camboy you can quickly earn a lot of money. How much you will earn depends on the number of hours you work as a camboy. The more you are online, the higher your earnings will be. There is also a difference between the different webcam providers. The more visitors the webcam sites have, the higher your income will be. When you work as a camboy for Livejasmin, you work for the #1 webcamsite in the world.
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What can you earn as a camboy

As mentioned above, your income depends on how much you work and for which webcam platform you work. There is a difference between the average income of a camgirl and a camboy. On average, the income of a camgirl is higher than that of a camboy. As a camboy you can count on an average of $2,500 – $4,000 but an income above $10,000/month is no exception for a full-time job as a male webcam model. By full-time job we mean the equivalent hours of a full-time job (+/- 160 hours per month). The reason why you can earn a lot at Livejasmin is the large number of visitors who visit their webcams sites daily. Moreover, Livejasmin works with extra bonuses and a system where you can get extra tips from your visitors.

Your registration as a camboy

To work as a camboy, you must first register with a webcam platform. To do this, click here or in the adjacent column on the banner Livejasmin. You then fill in a form and send some requested documents. Your registration will be checked and your account will be activated within 24 – 48 hours. From then on you can get started. The data that you enter when registering is strictly confidential and is only used internally by Livejasmin.
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Working as a camboy and taxes

When working as a camboy, you will also have to pay taxes on your income. How much this is depends on various factors. Do you work part-time or full-time, do you work on an independent basis, in which country do you live, etc. However, the webcam platforms themselves do not provide any income data to the tax authorities. You will therefore have to state this yourself.

Blocking visitors based on location

Working as a camboy is not an everyday job. It may be that you prefer to keep this hidden from your environment.
With Livejasmin it is possible to block visitors from certain countries or regions. If you are for example from France and you do not want French visitors on your webcam, you can easily set this yourself in your control panel. Visitors from those countries will not find your webcam in the overview and cannot view it.

Who are the visitors of camboys

If you work as a man for the webcam then your visitors will mainly be men. More than 95% of the visitors to camboys are men. The rest of the visitors consist of couples and a small number of women. Women find men very easily with whom they can cam for free and therefore you will see very few women on your webcam as visitors. Although the customers are mainly men, there are enough straight men who make money as a webcam model. You must therefore bear in mind that you will mainly have to entertain men.
Signup as a camboy by clicking here If you want to signup as a couple, visit this page for more information.

Who do we look for

  • male, transgender, shemale
  • minimum 18/21 (depends on the country you live in)
  • acces to high speed internet
  • acces to a laptop or desktop and HD webcam
  • straight, bisexual or gay

Which characteristics make a lot of money as a camboy

If you have certain characteristics, you will be able to earn a lot of money as a man in front of the webcam or as a camboy. The features that generate a lot of money are:

  • a muscular body;
  • having a big penis;
  • the use of various sex toys;
  • the use of certain outfits, uniforms;
  • master the English language;
  • many or long-lasting orgasms;
  • be proficient in a certain fetish.
work as a camboy

Work as a camboy