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Everyone wants to make a lot of money quickly. But this must of course also be possible to do safely. In the erotic sector, you can earn a lot of money in a short time. There are countless ways to make money in the erotic sector. But not all ways are equally safe. When you work as an escort girl or when you receive men at your home, there are always risks associated with your work. After all, you come into contact with many people and some of them may have less good intentions. Aggression towards escorts and women who receive men in their home should not be underestimated. That is why working as a camgirl is a very safe erotic job. After all, there is no physical contact with other people unless maybe a partner you work with on cam. But you do know that person.

Safety and health when working as a camgirl

Because as a camgirl you don’t have physical contact with strangers, you have no risk of STDs that way. As a working girl from home or escort, you can still work with such caution, there is always a (minimal) risk. The income as a working girl or escort may be slightly higher, but you always run the risk of an STD or aggression. Those risks are nil when you work as a camgirl. By working as a camgirl or camboy you can safely earn money via the internet. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Whenever you want.

Working as a camgirl and the Coronavirus or Covid19

Everyone has heard of the strict measures that have now been taken against the coronavirus or Covid19. Unlike some individuals who dismissed it as “the flu”, it turns out to be much more serious. Public life in most European countries has almost completely stopped. Non-essential shops have to close and movements that are not necessary will get a fine. All escort girls had to stop working. These ladies and gentlemen do not earn anything at all during this period. Usually, they also work as a secondary occupation, which means they cannot receive benefits. Apart from the financial side, we also have to take health into account. Working as a working girl or escort now would be completely irresponsible. The only ones who can and are allowed to work in the erotic world at the moment are camgirls and camboys. After all, they can work from home in a safe way.

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